Book Review - Ghost Flight

by Bear Grylls (Orion) ISBN: 9781409156826 

Bear Grylls is a world-renowned adventurer and survival expert. He has capitalised on his lifelong passion by producing an array of television shows and publications focusing on the outdoors, survival and exploration.

I was therefore somewhat surprised to see a fictional novel by this well-known celebrity. But Grylls has not strayed far from what he knows. 

His character, Will Jaeger is a typical “Born Survivor”. An ex-military type, he is imprisoned on a hostile island and tortured, but escapes against all odds with the help of a colleague and friend. A story of revenge, further rescue, and survival ensues. 

Fans of Grylls will no doubt enjoy his foray into the thriller genre. This is certainly an action-packed story with obvious insight into the rugged outdoors. Personally, I was not taken by the plot or the premise and feel there is far better on offer in this competitive genre. At best, this is an enjoyable holiday read. 

Wayne Bouwer

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