Book Review - Flowers And Borders Easy Cross Stitch Designs

by Maria Diaz (Metz Press South Africa) ISBN 978-1-928201-32-8 

This book delivers on its promises. It contains nothing but cross stitch designs, of flowers and borders, with their DMC colour charts as well as a conversion colour chart from DMC to Anchor and Maxi. Even the contents page is pictures of the worked designs.

The flower pages are filled with a variety of species and colours. The borders are traditional and contemporary, monochrome and multi-colour, with some fancy corners. And a few pages of back stitch black work.

If a picture paints a thousand words, this wordless book has painted a saga. If this book were missing anything it would be a page or two of children’s themes. Even so, it will be the perfect complement to any cross stitch library. 

Julie Suddaby


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