Fallen in Love

by Lauren Kate (Random House) ISBN: 978-0-857-53164-3


Fallen in Love is a glimpse into the emotions of the characters who are part of Daniel and Luce’s cursed love story.


Readers of the Lauren Kate trilogy will know the characters. Miles, Shelby, Arian and Roland have walked alongside Luce and Daniel’s doomed love. The setting in all the stories takes place in medieval England on Valentine’s Day.


An Announcer dumps Miles and Shelby in medieval England. Out of place and out of sorts, they have to depend on each other. In their story snapshot, they find that there is an attraction growing between them.

Arian and Roland land up in medieval England as well but find that love is not dependable and can be torture; rather like Daniel and Luce’s love.

Finally, Daniel and Luce come face to face in medieval England. Not surprising, their reincarnated visit shows that their love is strong and everlasting.


The stories will make no sense if readers have not read the books from the Fallen series. This book feels like a filler – meant to satisfy the gap before the big meal. It fails dismally and detracts from Daniel and Luce’s tragic love story.


I felt lost and disappointed. I wanted to know how Luce would end the curse. Not worth the effort. Perhaps Kate’s next book Rapture will end the ‘torment’.


Ulrike Hill


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