Fallen Star

by Ian Barker (Rebel ePublishers) ISBN 9780986973185.


The book's cover gave me the incorrect idea of what to expect from the story. I am glad to say I was wrong. Fallen Star exceeded my expectations.


The story begins when a successful band loses their lead singer to a drug overdose. The band cannot continue performing, and the members need to go on their own and find their way forward. We mostly follow the life of Karl. We are shown insights into family dynamics, values and relationships. He has to learn to grow up in the real world.


Barker offers some delightful witty humour and dialogue, which seem so natural. At times I felt like a fly on the wall, witnessing the interaction of the characters. The style of writing has an easy flow to it, egging the reader on. Descriptions of the particular scenes set the mood and tone.


What started out as a fun, humorous read developed into a thought-provoking novel about what it means to be famous and how fleeting it could be.


Dawn Blankfield


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