Explosive Eighteen

by Janet Evanovich (Headline Review) ISBN: 9780739378229


I've read 17, so I had to read Explosive 18.


I'm glad I did. I was so anti-Stephanie Plum at the end of Smokin' Seventeen. She was beginning to remind me of Bella Swann at her most pathetic. Whining about everything, caught between loving two men, and always having to be saved.


She managed to redeem herself - a little. Stephanie seems to be growing up. Finally! She still makes silly mistakes and gets into crazy situations but her efforts to save herself are improving. She has a real gun, a car that doesn't explode and she's seriously considering her future. She even has some money.


Everybody is there, from Vinnie - her slimy boss, to Lula - her sidekick, to Joyce Barnhardt - her nemesis. Ranger appears, and disappears, as usual. Morelli is back in her apartment. Everybody is trying to kill Stephanie, but she kicks and shoots and talks her way from Hawaii to New Jersey. 


Evanovich is a funny, talented writer. I hope she allows Stephanie to settle into adulthood properly in novel number 19


Amanda Patterson


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