by Eoin Colfer (Headline) ISBN: 9780755379996


Eoin Colfer writes children’s books and is very good at this. He created Artemis Fowl. Then they employed him to write a new Hitch Hiker’s Guide. And you know, I don’t hate him for it. That’s just how good the man is.


But those were in the past and this is now. And he still has it. I mean it is crime and there will be no magic and lasers, and no Thor or Author Dent. But bugger them. This is just a good book.


You don’t need the props if you can write brilliant characters. Superman is just some guy with a lame job without his powers, but I’d watch Johnny Depp In a movie called Johnny Depp works at Burger King. And I’d read a book on stamp collecting by Eoin Colfer.


Colfer just has the neurotic Irish gift for making the boring better and the interesting extraordinary. Who cares about a balding Irish ex-army nut case? I do now and it’s all thanks to Colfer.


Reflecting on those last two sentences I should add he doesn’t run a matchmaker’s website or anything weird, were talking about a book here. If you’re interested in the other stuff go to the classifieds.


Christopher Dean


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