Book Review - Darts Of Deceit

by Wilf Nussey (Rebel ePublishers) ISBN 9780986987151

Darts of Deceit is a real page-turner of an action thriller. The story involves missing nuclear missiles, ex-soldiers hired to find missing planes, and CIA dirty business resulting in hundreds of thousands of deaths in Zimbabwe, Zambia, and Mozambique - for which South Africa will be framed and blamed.

This book made me very uneasy. The author has constructed a terrifying scenario which is utterly convincing, and has based it on places he knows very well as well as creating believable villains. Nussey was a newspaper journalist for forty years, four of them in Africa, covering many of Africa's bloody and intense transitions to independence. This knowledge makes his words more raw and real.

The touches of humour and a gentle love interest to lighten the tension are used well in this exciting book. The author's writing is as good as the great American suspense writers. 

Claire Crawford


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