Lady of the Shades

by Darren Shan (Orion) ISBN: 978140914361 1


Ed, an American author tormented by ghosts, travels to London in the hope of sourcing fresh ideas for his next horror novel.


An avid fan, Joe offers to support him in his search for answers. Ed’s focus shifts when he meets the alluring but forbidden, Andeanna Menderes, the wife of London’s most notorious crime lord. Ed risks everything to be with Andeanna but is soon ensnared in the shadows of the world she inhabits. As events play out Ed realizes all he is in a far more complicated relationship than he ever imagined.


The dark supernatural thriller for adults by Darren Shan is exciting and ever-changing. There are multiple twists and ulterior motives run rampant. I thoroughly enjoyed the advanced plot with its consortium of characters living and playing extended roles. These characters keenly capture the mind, heart and soul of the main character. Nothing is certain and no one is quite what they seem.


I found it a captivating read.


Liz Breet


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