Mystic City

by Theo Lawrence (Corgi), R115 ISBN: 978-0-552-56764-0


Aria Rose has lost her memory. When she regains consciousness from an overdose of Stic, she is faced with situations that do not seem 'right'.


She is engaged to Thomas Foster. The marriage is a political necessity and ends an old feud. Thomas' brother has to win the election in order to subdue the rising threats of the Mystics who live in the Depths of Manhattan and are society's rejects.


This futuristic fantasy has developed Manhattan into a city partly submerged under water. Global warming has created unbearably hot temperatures and the rise of the oceans. The Elite live in a city connected by access controlled walkways and apartments. The Elite never venture to the Depths. Aria is part of the Elite but she questions her memory loss and love for Thomas. Aria decides to visit the Depths to get answers and then meets the mystic rebel, Hunter.


Strangely, she is drawn to him and the Mystics' cause to overthrow the Foster and Rose families and bring equality back to Manhattan. As Aria's life becomes compromised she realises that it is imperative to regain her memory. But who can she trust?


Mystic City is a fast-paced story, similar to The Hunger Games and Divergent. Lawrence has a sequel to this book which was obvious by the book's ending. However I felt that he left too many story-lines up in the air.


Ulrike Hill



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