Lady Limbo

by Consuelo Roland (Jacana) ISBN 978-1-4314-0508-4 

I loved this book. I couldn’t tell you how much the love story meant to me. It was beautifully written and you had to hold your breath in moments where you recognised what you had missed in your life. 

But alas, the story waned, and the search for Daniel, de Luc, an elusive crime writer with a deep love of poetry, who disappeared from a Camps Bay apartment, becomes frustrating. Is Daniel alive, writing one of his French novels that pull at the heartstrings? Where is he? His absences have become longer. His wife, Paola knew she would be parted from him as he researched his novels but this time it feels like forever.  

Paola is desperate to become pregnant, hoping that will bring him home. He has always longed for a child. Then Paola learns that her husband is involved in the shadowy world of the international sex industry, where women pay men to become the anonymous fathers of their children. 

I never learnt whether Luc is still alive, whether he will come home, or if he is always just a ghostly step away from her. The descriptions of the Cape are like the sunsets, they draw you into a place that uplifts the senses. Such beautiful writing is just waiting for a reader to enjoy it. 

Dee Andrew

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