Book Review - Conclave

by Robert Harris (Hutchinson) ISBN: 978-0-09-195917-3 

The Pope is dead. The eyes of the world turn toward Rome and its most powerful spiritual institution that must now find a new leader. Cardinal Lomeli is the Dean of Cardinals and the responsibility falls to him to oversee this precarious and complex process. 

Cardinals from across the globe gather at St. Peter’s for a new conclave, trusting in divine guidance to elect a new Shepherd. But there are powerful factions at work and competing agendas. Not only is there the perennial tussle between conservatives and liberals, but could the time be right for the first African Pope? Likewise, Italy has not seen a native Pope for decades and there is a strong drive for an Italian candidate. 

Lomeli has his work cut out for him, and as the Conclave is sequestered within the confines of the Sistine Chapel, he discovers that agendas are not as divine as they should be. He must work tirelessly to uncover conspiracies and treachery. Then there is the sudden appearance of a new Cardinal - previously unheard of, but chosen by the late Pope. Can he perhaps tip the scales of the Conclave? 

Conclave is a page-turner. I could not put it down and it kept me guessing till the last line. 

Wayne Bouwer


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