Book Review - City Rooster

by Claudia Eicker-Harris (Struik Children) ISBN: 9781432305901 

The City Rooster is a children’s tale about Mr Doodle the rooster who wakes up to the noise of the city one morning.  When he peers out of his barn he sees that the city has encroached upon their farm. 

Not content to live like this, Mr Doodle decides to find another farm to live on, but first he has to find a replacement to fill his spot. He goes about the task of interviewing animals to find a suitable candidate who will be able to wake the farmer and his family in the morning. 

The book is a bit long for small children, but older children will appreciate the story. It is educational in terms of introducing them to the birds Mr Doodle interviews. 

Ashleigh Seton-Rogers


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