Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang

by Chelsea Handler (Grand Central Publishing) ISBN: 9780446552431


I read "Are you there Vodka? It's me, Chelsea" and enjoyed it. However, “Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang” made me cringe. When you resort to stupid situations for laughs you need a new gig.

The first chapter about an 8-year-old Chelsea obsessively masturbating was pathetic. The emails between the writer and her siblings weren't entertaining, just plain boring. Her practical jokes as she grows up wear thin very quickly and I found myself wondering why I was reading this drivel.


Then I realised it doesn't matter what I think because her celebrity will guarantee sales of this shoddy little offering. This is just sad.


Chelsea Handler is a good writer and a great comedian. She should really focus her talent on something that is worthy of her. Handler needs to find something interesting to write about. How much more can she drag out of her hapless friends and family. It's simply embarrassing. Taking politics apart may be a real option for her witty pen.


Amanda Patterson



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