Into The Abyss

by Carol Shaben (Macmillan) ISBN 978-0-230-75803-2


This true story is chilling in every way. I felt as though I was sitting with the four men in the snow in front of makeshift fire in the middle of nowhere. Blanketed by clouds and thick trees is the wreckage of an aeroplane.


Only four men survived. Paul is a prisoner shackled to his guard, Scott. Paul decides this is the moment to run for it but he reluctantly helps the others who are in trouble around him. Erik, the pilot blames himself. He had been warned against flying for this aeroplane company but jobs were scarce so he took a chance. Larry, the politician is totally blind without his glasses which were lost in the wreckage of the plane and Paul guides him around. The desperate survivors give a cheer when they hear a helicopter. 


The book then moves into the lives of each man. They have a reunion every year and find themselves changed people. Paul, the hero who doesn’t want to be a hero, finds life in the outside world too tough. It is fascinating to read how he became a criminal.


This is a harrowing journey through the cold, wet and snow, but your get a warm feeling in your insides when each man cares for the other. An excellent, well written story and it’s all true. Don’t miss this gripping tale.


Dee Andrew



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