The Broken Destiny

Book One of the Broken Series by Carlyle Labuschagne (Strategic Book Publishing and Rights Co.) ISBN 9781612048727.


The Broken Destiny is the first book of a series, so don't expect this book to have a conclusion. Ava is a sixteen year old girl who makes some discoveries about her past. These are highly disturbing to her. She resides on planet Poseidon. The people originated from Earth which seems to have been destroyed. Labuschagne’s story is a mixture of science fiction and fantasy.


Ava takes us through her terrifying thoughts and feelings at length. She goes through harrowing experiences, which she discovers are part of her destiny to find her true self and to save the people from evil forces.


The author has drawn her ideas from ancient African legends and perhaps those of Native Americans. There are some good descriptions of various episodes and one gets to feel the atmosphere of the planet and its three moons.


The story will appeal to teenaged readers who may identify with the emotions the characters experience. It might also attract fantasy film makers.


Dawn Blankfield


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