Book Review - Anxiety For Beginners

by Eleanor Morgan (Pan Macmillan) ISBN: 9781509813230

"When I was seventeen, I lost part of myself to a toilet cubicle. A part I don't know if I'll ever get back."

As I began to read Eleanor Morgan's investigation, I was fascinated to learn about facing invisible monsters on a daily basis. It was eye-opening to unpack the emotions, battles and wars waged in everyday events, objects and situations.

Eleanor Morgan draws us in to her fraught world. She is talented, with a knack for getting to the point. She adds a dash of humour too. She covers the build-up of anxiety from a child's perspective. She talks about the varied encounters with doctors and therapists, and the medications that can help. Helpful strategies and coping mechanisms are presented; anxiety needs to be managed, it can't be cured.

We need to talk and read about anxiety disorders. We need to understand the battles others face on a daily basis. We need to think about how to create an atmosphere of sharing, openness and trust. Mental illness is crippling, more so if you find yourself isolated and alone. Like being banished to an institution, you’re locked into a frightening world.

This is an excellent way to start undoing that.

Bev Bouwer


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