Book Review - The Truth About Julia

by Anna Schaffner (Allen & Unwin) ISBN: 9781760290115

Clare Hardenberg is a tough investigative journalist who has been through a bad spell. After having been humiliated by the press and general public for writing an expose on a beloved public figure, Clare finally emerges at the behest of her publisher, to write a biography on the vilified Julia White.

Julia is a young woman who blew up a coffee shop in Central London in 2014, killing 24 people. With no explanation for her actions, Julia has refused to talk to anyone until now. Intrigued by the challenge of interviewing Julia, and writing her biography, Clare sets out on her next project, not knowing that this interview will cost her not only the life she knows, but everything she values.

The Truth About Julia provides insights into the mind of both writer and subject, and a closer look at ideology and terrorism. As Clare works to understand and expose Julia’s motivations, she is sucked deeper and deeper into a delusion which results in tragedy. 

Merissa Himraj


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