Simon's Destiny

by David Bloomberg (Ampersand Press) ISBN 9781919760827


Simon Cantor runs a family business in Cape Town called Cantor Fishing. Simon meets Montgomery Imbulelo, a black businessman, who totally changes his way of thinking. This meeting transforms his business from a mostly white company to a multiracial international concern.


All those around Simon play a role in weaving a fascinating story which includes fishing and more. Politics plays its part, racial dynamics, corruption, homosexuality, crime, intrigue and health issues are plot points. Of course it includes the intricacies and complications of running a large business.


The story is so well constructed and realistic that it seems to be based on fact. The author has certainly done his homework when describing the situations that could well occur in South Africa. It is as though the author is describing the way forward in the new South Africa. It is an interesting, meaningful, inspiring and enjoyable read.


The author, David Bloomberg is a former mayor of Cape Town, lawyer, businessman and theatre director.


Dawn Blankfield


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