Legacy of Blood

by Alex Connor (Quercus) ISBN 9781849163620.


Alex Connor has written an unusual thriller around the conspiracy of an artwork by William Hogarth, who did actually exist, although this story is a work of fiction. He weaves a tale concerning seven passengers who were travelling on the private jet of an art dealer.


The lives of these passengers become entangled through the owner of the plane mentioning this artwork. This piece is surrounded by an old secret which could cause a dangerous scandal affecting important people. Each individual in the story has their own reason for wanting to own the painting.


The story uncovers their characters and how they get their lives ruined unintentionally. The power of the painting is actually the focus and we are swept along with it.

The characterisation is good as they are diverse people. One is drawn into the strange occurrences and led to make the connections.


It is a good, entertaining read giving some insight into the world of art and its dealers.


Dawn Blankfield


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