A Chimpanzee in the Wine Cellar

by Pat Cavendish O’Neill (Jonathan Ball) ISBN 9781868424856


I so enjoyed the author's A Lion in the Bedroom that I grabbed this copy knowing I would be highly entertained. I wasn’t wrong. The animals and her relationship with them fascinated me.


But the book began to wind down when she started on horse racing. I know nothing about inheriting qualities that go to make a champion race horse and so I found the latter part of the book a bit boring.


There are anecdotes that make you laugh and cry.  In her last book her life was saved by her lioness, Tana who literally slept in her bed. In this book her pet baboons save her life. A rescued chimpanzee named Kalu finds her way deepest into Pat’s heart.


Always interesting, and especially from the point of view of “name dropping” you could almost call the society she mixed in,The  White Mischief  crowd. Read this for sheer entertainment and fascinating historical facts.


Dee Andrew


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