Steve Jobs

by Walter Isaacson (Little Brown) ISBN 978-1-4087-0374-8


Once upon a time when all the world used typewriters, a giant of a man, Steve Jobs, dreamed of changing everything.


Walter Isaacson describes the determination of a little adopted boy who strove for absolute perfection. Ironically, Jobs also gave up a little girl for adoption only to be reunited with her years later. He also discovered he had a famous novel writer as a sister.


His towering rages when things were not perfectly done were legendary, and out of all this came the computer that set the world alight. His wife and family put up with his picky eating, and days of silence and introspection. His son, Reed, played a special part in Job’s life. True, it is a modern fairy tale, but it is about real people who gave their all for Jobs’ ambition.


The real miracle is that Jobs abandoned the first Apple only to find it again years later and turn it around into the great and famous computer that it is today. Jobs’ love of Art and Music and Poetry were all somehow entwined with this computer, proving that science and the humanities can work together.


I first looked at the size of the biography and wondered whether I would ever read it to the end. However, it was fascinating, saddening, and enlightening and I read every page with new interest. This is the book of the past, present and future of our lives.


Dee Andrew


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