Book Review - The Forgotten Summer

by Carol Drinkwater (Michael Joseph) ISBN 978718183097

The Forgotten Summer is a lovely read that keeps you on your toes. 

The annual grape harvest at the Cambon family's vineyard is always a cause for celebration, but things change when an accident destroys the crop, leaving the estate facing ruin. 

Clarisse Cambon knows exactly who to blame - her daughter-in-law Jane. There is no end to the nastiness that Clarissa hurls at Jane. It's just the latest incident in a decades-long feud whose origin both women have concealed from Luc, who struggles to keep his wife and mother on speaking terms. 

When Jane gets the news that Luc is in a tragic accident, Jane wonders what secrets her husband has been keeping from her. Forced to take charge of the ailing vineyard, Jane uncovers proof that Luc may not be the man she fell in love with twenty years ago. And Clarisse is the only one who knows the truth . . . 

This novel is beautifully written, but she does get carried away with her descriptions. 

Dee Andrew


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