Book Review - The Big Five

Five Simple Things You Can Do to Live a Longer, Healthier Life by Dr Sanjiv Chopra with David Fisher (Thomas Dunne Books) ISBN: 9781250065339

The author explores and explains the evidence regarding the incredible benefits of coffee, Vitamin D, exercise, meditation, and nuts. The evidence is conclusive. There is no doubt that drinking coffee, maintaining high but normal levels of Vitamin D, meditating, and eating a handful of nuts is good for you. 

This is no fad study. Each of the recommendations outlined in this book has been proven by an overwhelming number of tests, trials, and studies. Each page of this little book exhorts you to take note of the reasons for his findings. They say heed the advice and live a longer and healthier life. 

Incredible as it may seem, coffee makes you smarter and improves physical performance. It can reduce the risk of Alzheimer's plaque forming in your brain. Vitamin D comes from sunlight; it can be used to prevent prostate cancer and other cancers, such as pancreatic cancer.

There are too many findings to write down here. Just read the book. It is powerful stuff. I’m on my third cup of coffee. 

Dee Andrew


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