Book Review - Path Of The Lion

by Sandy Geyer (Allcopy Publishers) ISBN 9781869218775 

Entrepreneurship seems like the logical thing to do when you have had many years of work experience in your position and you want to earn more money. However, moving from being an employee to an entrepreneur is not as simple as it seems. When you are good at a specific job, it does not mean you can suddenly run all the other departments of the company that make it function correctly overnight. 

Sandy Geyer learned this the hard way when she quit her job in 1996. She was pregnant with her second child and she resigned from a successful and lucrative corporate position to start her own business. Her husband gave her six months to make a profit, but it took six years for the business to break even. However, after that the business became exponentially profitable. 

She started EnQ - the University for Entrepreneurship to train entrepreneurs in the skills and abilities they need to cultivate in order to become successful. She uses analogies of wild animals to describe different types of entrepreneurs and what they should be cautious of, what strengths they naturally possess and what they need to develop in order to thrive - the Rhino, Fish Eagle, Baboon and ultimately, the Lion - King of the Jungle. 

It is a high level book, but she also offers courses on the EnQ Model in New Zealand (where she lives), Australia, and South Africa throughout the year. 

Amanda Blankfield-Koseff


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