Book Review - Lament For The Fallen

by Gavin Chait (Doubleday) ISBN: 9780857523761

This is a science-fiction novel set in a remote village of Nigeria called Ewuru. 

The villagers discover the body of a man when a strange object falls from the sky and crashes in the jungle. The villagers know that the warlord from a neighbouring militia will soon be over to investigate the crash site and in turn threaten their livelihood, so they decide to hide their guest and learn more about him. 

The man’s name is Samara and he has managed to escape his planet where he was imprisoned. He wants to go back to release the other prisoners from a world that is similar to the kind of world modern man is progressing towards, yet it has its failings.  
One of the biggest drawbacks of this story is that the characters are not fleshed out enough and I felt no real connection with any of them. 

Chait was born in Cape Town and later emigrated to the UK. He has degrees in Microbiology & Biochemistry, and Electrical Engineering. This is his first novel.  

Ashleigh Seton-Rogers


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