Book Review - Goddess Mojo Bootcamp

by Kagiso Msimango (MF Books Joburg) ISBN: 9781920601683

Kagiso Msimango is a life coach and author of the bestseller The Goddess Bootcamp. 

Her latest book is a self-help guide to exuding the requisite ‘mojo’ to meet and keep a man. The book is a ‘how to’ of sorts that requires the single woman to work through exercises and rituals, and ultimately emerge as a goddess irresistible to men. There is sisterly advice, case studies of actual goddesses-in-training from the author’s Facebook group and previous radio show, footnotes referencing evidence of energy and its magnetism, and esoteric recipes and rituals. 

Msimango writes conversationally and informally. The book reads as if you’ve gathered the gals for lunch for a chinwag. Although I didn’t personally complete the ‘boot camp’ (which requires journaling, meditation, immersion in fragrant baths, etc.) some content was amusing and provided food for thought for a divorced (happily single) woman like me. However, I found being constantly addressed as ‘honey cakes’/’gorgeous’/’honey pot’ patronising and irritating. 

If I desperately wanted to meet a man and couldn’t understand why I hadn’t, this book could provide insight and impetus. Otherwise, it’s a quick read with a few interesting ideas. 

Deborah Minors


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