Book Review - Bridget Jones’s Baby: The Diaries

by Helen Fielding (Jonathan Cape) ISBN: 978-1-911-21456-4 

The world’s favourite Singleton is back in this latest novel that is a prequel to Bridget Jones:  Mad About The Boy

Bridget is her glorious and irreverent self in this novel, something that was clearly lacking in the last. She finds herself single again after Mark Darcy breaks up their engagement due to a minor indiscretion with Daniel Cleaver at their engagement party.  At least she is finally at her ideal weight. 

She is delighted to find herself accidentally pregnant, but there’s one tiny problem. She’s not sure who the father is. In one week she bumps into and beds both Mark and Daniel. She’d love for it to be Mark since Daniel is his usual emotionally unavailable, philandering self. Mark is back to being perfect and attentive. Daniel predictably turns Bridget’s pregnancy into a contest of the dominant sperm. 

Bridget not only has to contend with the smug-marrieds of the first two novels, but now the smug-mums too. She undergoes a touching metamorphosis as she prepares for the arrival of her baby. The book is written in the usual breezy diary form. A toothsome and indulgent read that I finished in a couple of hours. 

Ewa Fabris 


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