Book Review - Always Anastacia

A Transgender Life in South Africa by Anastacia Tomson (Jonathan Ball Publishers) ISBN 9781868427130

Anastacia Tomson takes us on a journey of her inner struggle with gender dysphoria, and the challenges she has had to face when she decided to take the plunge and live her life authentically. 

Growing up in a Jewish family and raised as a boy, Anastacia knew that her discomfort in her own skin had less to do with her strict family upbringing, and more with the fact that she felt her body did not fit her identity. She went on to qualify and practice as a doctor and had a seven long year relationship with a female, but the experiences left her feeling hollow. ‘Coming out’ is to be her only salvation, despite the fact that running away from her life and assuming a new identity does seem appealing. 

Anastacia takes us through her gruelling transition experience from the daily mundane challenges, i.e., dealing with home affairs to the dogma she felt that was inherent in her faith.
I found this to be an interesting and empathetic glimpse into the life of someone who is transgender. The back and forth of the dates were at times confusing if you weren’t keeping track of your place.

Ashleigh Seton-Rogers


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